CTL-TH PACKAGING, winner of the “Tube of the Year” in the category Prototype


CTL-TH PACKAGING, winner of the “Tube of the Year” in the category Prototype

The European Tube Manufacturers Association (ETMA) awarded “Tube of the Year” in the Prototype category to CTL-TH Packaging for the sustainable approach of its patented ESTube technology.

The ceremony took place in Hamburg on May 23. For this award, CTL-TH submitted our “Green ESTube” with the Eco Low Profile cap, adding value of sustainability to this tube.

The current standard composition of a tube is characterized by different types of plastics: PE in the body and head and PP for the cap. The need to separate the different components and kinds of plastics used in the tube further complicates and hinders the recycling process for waste plants.

CTL-TH developed the Easy Supply Tube (ESTube) Technology with a goal of easing this process. This is an IML technology (in mold labelling), 100% mono-material. The body, head and cap are all made in PP allowing for 100% recyclability.

The Green ESTube is also made with a digital offset printing, which is cleaner and safer than the traditional printing techniques, allowing for lower manufacturing losses.

The winner tube was submitted with a special cap, the Eco Low Profile, which gives it a more ecological appearance. This cap is developed for Giflor. It combines the advantages of the ESTube with a reduction of 20% less material. By having a smaller amount of material, the impact on transportation and on the carbon footprint is also less.

This award is a recognition of innovation and creativity that positions the ESTube in the market as a reference product. More and more, customers demand sustainable packaging solutions. The ESTube technology, being completely recyclable, offers an added value that gives a competitive advantage to customers.

ETMA Award 2019