Digitize to Survive


Digitize to Survive

The cosmetic industry is evolving. It’s no longer enough for brands to just put beautiful products on the shelf; consumers now demand research, exploration, and interaction. In an increasingly competitive and demanding market, we must digitize to survive.

Here are 4 tips for brands to successfully navigate this challenge:

Adapt your products to consumer needs. Enhance your packaging to stand out among the competition, and find new ways to share valuable information which could influence consumers. Create online video tutorials, or include QR codes in your packaging to increase engagement with your brand. Consider using augmented reality to really stand out, and build unique, memorable moments for consumers in-store.

Monitor in real-time: In February, European pharmacies were affected by the European Directive 2011/62/EU, which prevents the introduction of illegal drugs into the system. Due to this regulation, each medicine has a unique serial number that guarantees control from manufacture to sale in pharmacies.  

Learn from data: A key advantage to digitizing your brand is the world of data you’ll be able to unlock. Use intelligent analytics systems to track market trends in real-time, and use these insights to inform your marketing campaigns and product improvements.

Reduce time to market: An agile supply chain enables your brand to launch more innovative and appealing products – with shorter delivery times.

At CTL-TH Packaging, we partner with top brands to help them compete in a digital world. Our ESTube patented technology (IML injection) allows for flat printing – which simultaneously opens up new connectivity opportunities and reduces delivery timeframes.

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