Cosmetic key enterprises visit Tuboplast


Cosmetic key enterprises visit Tuboplast

 In addition to the traditional technologies of the manufacturing of extruded tubes, visitors were able to see new printing methods that allow exclusive effects and shorter development times.


Tuboplast, of to the CTL-TH Packaging Group, opened its doors last October 26th to some of the best cosmetic companies in the world.

During the visit, the tour of the manufacturing plant included an “in situ” demonstration of the production and printing of the tubes, as well as the latest technical innovations. These innovations, which after more than 10 years of R&D, have allowed the development of a new patented technology: the ESTube (Easy Supply Tube). A breakthrough innovation that helps customers adapt to new consumer shopping trends: volatility, reactivity and connectivity.

Estube has a large impact on decoration capability and in the customer’s supply chain. Available in the United States and Europe, this solution allows brands to be more visible at the point of sale thanks to the latest generation of Digital Offset printers. Striking and new finishes; such as metallic and holographic effects, can now be achieved.

Personalized tube

In addition, ESTube goes one step further by allowing the tube to be personalized. Which the participants could verify upon receiving a tube produced in less than six hours, with their name and picture, at the end of the day.

This printing method also allows supplement, at no additional cost, an experience of augmented reality to transform their packaging solutions into objects connected with the user.

In relation to the supply Chain, it provides numerous benefits to brands allowing to simplify development, reduce lead-times and adjust, up to the last moment, their needs for product references. In this way, clients reduce their losses, by optimizing their financial results, and the carbon footprint (ESTube is a tube mono-material and recyclable).

In the afternoon, recognized companies such as HP Indigo, Husky and Repsol, discussed future trends in the packaging sector, new materials, molds and forms of printing which elevate the packaging to the highest level.